About us

Swiftnet is an IT company, set up in 2011, around a core of professionals with over 15 years experience in the field. Over the years we were the best in fields as RIA (Rich Internet Applications), ERP (Enterpise Resource Planning), CRM (Client Relationship Management), CMS (Content Management Systems), Web Design & Development and we use the latest technology in the digital branch.
Due to these years of experience, many Romanian and foreign companies rely already on us to improve their websites, administrate their digital marketing campaigns and to use our services in the cloud.  
Swiftnet made a great job with our project of revival of the site. Their knowledge about the ease of access, design and about the architecture of information was very useful and offered me, what I wanted. In 3 months we get on the first page on Google! Paul Raceu, Pensiunea Luiza.

How can we help you?

We provide consultancy and customized software solutions to solve complex IT issues, and to increase the performance of your business online

What does this mean?

Let's say you own a small business and you want to reach to your potential clients online or you need a refresh of your brand identity.
Here's how we help you: after we create your logo and your calling cards, we build for you a competitive and performing website. Also, we take over the concern of administrating your Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ pages of your business, and we administrate the marketing campaigns in order to increase the sales and the reputation of your brand. 
We can also help you, if you are an executive manager and you want to increase the performance of your business, to optimize the company workflow, or to have all the employees and clients on the same online collaboration platform.
First of all we analyse the internal workflow and we point out what could be improved and how. Then, we create the customized software solutions for the requirements of your company, in order for you to relax and to manage from anywhere your business, which now is working like a Swiss clock
Swiftnet was in charge with designing and implementing our systems in the Dutch Caribbean. Their expertise and willingness to work with outside proprietary software and related hardware vendors has proven invaluable to our company.Their services are the best! Jim Harmon, Caribbean Cash.

Our principles

We believe that the key ingredient behind the great results is the passion.

We believe that a small and agile team brings higher performance than a heavy multinational.

We believe that all successful projects are based on strategies, plans and prototypes.

We believe in Romania :-)