Competition analysis

One of the responsibilities of a digital marketing consultant is the competition analysis.
The competition analysis is necessary to make a comparison between your site and those of the competition, in order to establish your position on the market. The analysis of SEO competition makes you to progress and to optimize your offers. 
Not always the competitors respect the rules of working online and it is good to know their strategy, in order to improve your own performance. It is important to make the competition analysis from the perspective of your business for you to have only to win.  
It is very important to verify if the products offered by your competitors have the same target and the same branch of activity, in order to make the best decisions for your business. 
It is useful to know your behavior online and to be aware of your appearance. Therefore in this process of analyzing the competition we are interested in:
  • Who are your real competitors and which is their operating method
  • Which are the important words of the strategy
  • How competitive are the words that we use
  • Which are the products offered by the competitors
  • Which is their promotion strategy
  • Which is your position compared to them
  • Which are the opportunities offered by their behavior  
So, through this information, the analysis of the competition helps you to go beyond your competitors using a more performing strategy of digital marketing.  
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