Email marketing

What does email marketing mean?

Since the beginning of the internet, email marketing became a habitual tool for business. Email marketing services are a type of direct marketing, which uses the email to send advertising material concerning different products and services. Email marketing means sending emails to the potential clients to attract them to visit the site and to buy what you are selling. It is a strategy to maintain the clients informed about your products and to convince them to visit you again.

The advantages of email marketing services:

  • represents one of the most efficient marketing methods online
  • the number of subscribers who will want to receive newsletters on different subjects is continuously  increasing and is unlimited
  • most internauts check their email few times a day
  • this mean of communication offers you the possibility to reach your potential clients through some relevant and interesting messages
  • you may combine the information about new products and services with promotions which stimulate their demand
  • the operational cost for such services is very low
  • the communication time with the clients is reduced
  • you may divide the email according to the characteristics of your clients, to send them offers which present interest for them, and in time you may personalize the newsletters for each client
  • compared to other traditional advertising methods (TV, radio), email marketing has faster results if you use exact methods of "call to action" and personalized lists for clients 
  • the existence of a database with clients allows you to contact easier and faster those ones interested on your offers 

Email marketing solutions offered by Swiftnet include:

  • strategy and consultancy 
  • concepts for your campaigns 
  • copy-writing
  • graphic design and newsletter template
  • statistics, monitoring and analysis of campaigns.

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