SEM - Search Engine Marketing

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) services - Google AdWords campaigns

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a method of web promotion more and more needed to make your online business profitable. Taking into account the competition, the methods of web promotion are those which make the difference between a profitable and often visited site and one without profit and visitors.  To create a brand online, in a short time you have to choose SEM promotional services - paid services as Google AdWords - that include promotional sponsored commercial posted through Google AdWords campaigns. 
At the basis of SEM services as well as in the case of SEO services are the keywords, which properly used will bring your commercial on the visual field of interested clients. A good organization of SEM services in the promotional campaigns represents the key to excellent results with low costs. The costs are reduced in the moment when the results are definitive. Promotion through the platform Google AdWords is made with payment for every click (PPC - Pay Per Click -  services). This platform developed so much lately and represents an effective method to promote the business online. The advantages of a Google AdWords campaign (one of the most known and used SEM tools):
  • the precision to pay only in the moment when a potential client clicks your link
  • the flexibility to target your visitors according to the place where they are, the day, month, year, hour and device from which they access the page (laptop, smartphone, tablet) 
  • the possibility to optimize the process in real time
  • there is no limit of the invested budget 

What services of search engine marketing do we offer you?

  • starting from the objectives of your business, we develop strategies for Google AdWords campaigns
  • continuous optimization during the Google AdWords campaign
  • different new online promotional opportunities
  • close monitoring of the results of the campaign
  •  periodical rapports for you to see the evolution of your business promotion

Types of campaigns

Google Adwords Campaigns - Search

Google offers the possibility, that the advertisers promote different paid campaigns online, through Google AdWords. AdWords is a contextual advertising method, which through PPC (Pay Per Click) provides you the possibility to pay only when the user clicks on your address. The search campaigns are based on the text and a limit of characters, so the commercials appear on search, only when the word or the expression searched is the same with the one of your campaign. 

Google Adwords Campaigns (GDB) - Banners

These campaigns are made in GDN (Google Dispay Network), where the subscribers of the network may promote commercials which besides text contain also images or videos.

Google AdWords Campaigns - ReMarketing

ReMarketing is a method which may be effected only in the Display network and it consists in approaching those who visited the site at a given moment. Google remembers the commercials that the users were interested in and shows them similar commercial to make them to come back on your site and to finish what they started, to buy your product or service.

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