SMM - Social Media Marketing

What does social media mean?

Social media is an efficient and fast method through which people give and change information online. Because people tend to trust more the opinions of the others, than TV commercials or any other media, we propose you to launch your business on different social networks as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Wikipedia and blogs.

Social media marketing is defined by:

  • distribution of different information
  • promotion of products and services 
  • direct sales generation
  • speed
  • increasing the number of potential clients
  • covering the area of the relationship with the public
  • brand awareness
  • free feedback from actual clients
Social media marketing services are based on creating content able to attract and to encourage visitors to distribute the information on other social networks. The result, "the electronic opinion" refers to any statement of the users shared on the Internet (e.g. website, social networks etc) about an event, product, brand or company. The distribution of the message from one user to another is made by a third person, reliable source, opposite to the referred brand or company. Through the services of social media marketing, we suggest you to put your clients on the first place, joining them in an online dialog about the products and services that you provide, improving in this way your commercial offer. 

So, taking into account the need of social media marketing services, we can help you with:

  • social media strategy and consultancy
  • social media accounts management
  • posting management on multiple social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, etc)
  • content readjustment, processing of photos, videos and other content parties for social media channels
  • processing and coordination of the news, events and content posting on the social media channels
  • creation of campaigns, contests, promotions and Facebook applications
  • management of the promotional campaigns on many social media platforms
  • continuous dialogue with your fans and followers, in order to build relations with the brand
  • monitoring and reporting the social media activity
In order to help you to get closer to your clients on the social networks or for any other social media marketing services, ask for an offer now