Field registration

Do you want to start an online business?

Swiftnet is at your disposal for field registration, the first step for visibility on the internet. 
The field represents the unique address that your site needs to appear on the internet. The name of your field must contain defining words, specific for your site and easy to remember by the users. It is necessary to use words which characterize the best your activity. 
For example if your business is an online book store, you may choose Also, if it is important for what you offer to your client, you may also mention in the name of the field your geographical position. The name of your website field must be short and to the point. 
We are at your disposal for all these, and to define your online business register now fields .ro, .com, .eu.

Prices for field registration

  • yourfield
.ro 35.99 Euros

  • 8.9 Euros / year
  • 5.9 Euros / year

Contact us for an offer and for other details about our services.